New courses in archaeology and anthropology


We’re really excited to announce the School’s first collection of learning opportunities in archaeology and anthropology!

Three unique courses are currently being developed by our team of learning designers and disciplinary specialists. They are being designed primarily for beginners, and they will all be delivered completely online.

The first course, Introducing Archaeology: Sites, Artefacts, Theory and Practice, will offer a broad overview of what archaeology is all about. We will adopt the perspective of a professional archaeologist to examine all aspects of an archaeological project, from initial desk-based assessment through to analysis and publication.

In particular, the course looks at how archaeologists know where to dig, how they go about excavating different kinds of sites, and what happens to the finds that are uncovered. We’ll also look at why archaeological resources are in danger around the world, and find out how you (yes, you!) can get actively involved in archaeology too.

Our second course, Cultural Anthropology for Beginners, will offer a fascinating, challenging and thought-provoking introduction to this exciting discipline. An ideal companion to Introducing Archaeology, this course starts from scratch and assumes that you know nothing about anthropology — except perhaps that it is somehow really important to archaeologists!

Old man in Ethiopia

Cultural Anthropology for Beginners will explore human society and behaviour from a cross-cultural perspective. Photo: M. Anderson.

Be warned though — there are no holds barred in this subject. We will adopt a cross-cultural perspective to explore issues like ritual and religion, gender and sexuality, and social control. From the Bugis of Indonesia to the Bangwa of Cameroon, we’ll investigate human cultures through the eyes of an anthropologist. You may never look at your fellow humans in quite the same way again!

Finally, African Archaeology: From Caves to Capitals will offer a rare opportunity to discover some of the innumerable cultures of the African continent through rich tapestries of archaeological evidence. You will learn that, far from being the ‘dark continent’ of the colonial imagination, Africa has long been a major player on the world stage, both culturally and economically.

Lalibela Church

African Archaeology: From Caves to Capitals will explore the incredible cultural heritage of the African continent. Photo: M. Anderson.

From the earliest traces of humanity deep in prehistory to the flowering of kingdoms and complex civilizations, we will take you on an archaeological journey across the African continent that few have been on before.

All of the courses will incorporate the latest learning technologies, and will include a variety of multimedia content, engaging discussions and light-touch assessments to test your learning. Signed Certificates of Completion will be awarded to all participants who successfully complete each course, along with a detailed transcript of topics covered and goals achieved.

Making education fun and available to everyone is at the heart of the Akkadium mission, and there are no prerequisites for participants. Wherever you are on your learning journey, we will help you to succeed.

You can find out more about the courses and register your interest in any of them here. We will let you know when enrolments open.

We can’t wait to get started!

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Dr. Mark Anderson is an archaeologist, anthropologist, educational developer and teacher. Author of Marothodi: The Historical Archaeology of an African Capital and Digital Learning. Follow Mark on Twitter: @m_anderson_phd.

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