About Us

Acropolis of Athens

The School of Anthropology and Archaeology was founded on the Acropolis of Athens in July 2016, and is now a part of Akkadium College.

The School is a specialist provider of accessible learning opportunities, with a global mission to nurture awareness and promote understanding of human cultures, past and present.

In addition to offering taught programmes and courses, this is a space for sharing research, stories and events from the worlds of archaeology and anthropology.

Harnessing digital technologies and the power of community, we hope to create vibrant networks, build rewarding relationships, and together gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural developments and achievements that have shaped our world since the dawn of humankind.

Our first taught courses are currently in development, and will launch in late 2017. Meanwhile, you are warmly invited to join our community, and stay connected to our developments and activities.

The study of anthropology and archaeology is a thrilling and richly rewarding adventure. We look forward to exploring these exciting worlds with you.


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